What is probably the most unbreakable headset product in the market?

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When I got my 1st disc player, there is nothing I liked better than to look at the twin sound system, place them on either side of the pillow and rest in-between them, blasting my head with the incessant sonic assault of what rock n roll masterpiece I could find inside the junk shop that week. Heaven.


Designed along with your computer at heart, these spiffy new headphone can re-create my experiences (albeit just about as perfectly) for this digital era. Comfortable, highly effective and profiting from a sleek and sexy design job that’s curvier than Catwoman eating a curly wurly, these headphone have got it all. Continue reading

ID-51E D-STAR Dual Band Portable Radio with Built-in GPS, Available Now!

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The ID-31E D-STAR was a beautiful modest two way radio, but that is superseeded with the ID-51E Dual Band D-STAR now, adding an incredible 500 additional channels, missing that vital communication wouldn’t be a problem.


Icom is pleased to announce that the new ID-51E Dual Band D-STAR handportable is now available. Evolving from Icom’s popular ID-31E D-STAR portable, the ID-51E possesses new features including dualwatch, 500 extra memory channels (for a total of 1,752 channels), automatic position reply (DV), repeater search functions and AM/FM Receivers. Continue reading

Airwave Sharers List Process

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Editors note – Since the emergency services have changed over to the airwave tetra network, but creating a new network means all of the different service need to be organised into new networks. Here is the process that each service needs to go through to be granted a licence.



The purpose of this note is to give guidance to potential applicants on the process for joining the Airwave Sharers List. Continue reading

The new range of Nextedge kenwood radios

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The Nextedge NX-200/300 is the digital radio from kenwood, all NEXEDGE™ Products use advanced DSP-driven digital voice technologies and support both FM analogue and new digital fleets. System type conversion or expansion only requires software options and/or additional base station units, i.e., no “major” upgrading. Kenwood offers Conventional, conventional IP networks, trunked and wide area trunked IP networks solutions with secure digital voice and an array of advanced digital feature sets for business and government sector. Continue reading

MTH or MTP, Overview of the Motorola Tetra Radio , What where when

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Motorola offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet unique requirements of markets from transportation to industrial, municipal to public safety.


The MTP3000 TETRA radio series are packed with the features which have become essential for safe and effective operations, as well as significant improvements in areas such as audio and ruggedness. The user interface is optimised for those making the transition from analogue radios and includes two controls for group and volume. Continue reading

SleepPhones – Headphones You Can Sleep With

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Latest news -Research has shown that listening to song for forty five minutes ahead of sleeping can help you have a suitable nights sleep, but waking up in the am having a set of earpieces in is not the nicest feeling on the earth, so a set of sleepPhones has been inverted….


Have you tried to sleep with headphones to drown out noise? Maybe a snoring husband or roommate, a noisy dorm, or are you just a light sleeper? It is very uncomfortable, if not impossible to sleep with traditional headphones, or even ear buds. However, the days of sleepless nights due to noise are now over. SleepPhones, pajamas for your ears, are soft comfortable headphones that you can comfortably sleep with. Continue reading

What are the laws of using a 2-way radio on the road

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The rules on using 2 way radios and cell phones whilst operating a vehicle are quite different, the regulation has been law since 2003 with the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2003, the law was put into place to improve road safety, after the emergence of cellphones becoming affordable and trendy, the requirement for some type of laws control the usage of cell phones, two way radios and any other form of handheld communication devices used whilst a automobile is being driven. The penalty of the rules are outlined here – Continue reading

New eVerge™ Two-Way Radios by Vertex Standard Help Customers Improve with Better Communications and Performance

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Digital technology in walkie talkie communications has had a huge increase over the past few years, led by motorola, companies like hytera, kenwood and icom have followed with their own variations of digital technology. Vertex are a large company in asia and now have designed the eVerge digital technology to compete with all the other companies.


Vertex Standard continues its commitment to developing land mobile radios (LMR) that are precision-engineered for more value with the introduction of its new eVerge™ digital two-way radio series. eVerge™ digital radios help customers evolve to better communication and do digital right the first time – getting the right radio with the right protocol and right performance – all at a better cost to connect without compromise. Continue reading