If you use GP340 radios in your work, then you need to look at these earpieces

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We ended the last piece by saying that you shouldn’t use the featured product to guard the life of America’s president. However, we’ll begin this piece by saying that, if you are looking to guard President Obama this summer, then you’re getting closer to the right idea with this earpiece.

The GP340 covert earpiece is a serious piece of equipment. This earpiece comes attached to one of those curly receivers, the kind you’ve seen Agent Smith wearing in The Matrix movies. The GP340 earpiece is a device designed for use with the Motorola GP340 range of two-way radio devices.

This is an understated earpiece that you use instead of making your presence felt, when subtlety and understatement are the aims of the game. If you’re concerned with security or protection, then the GP340 could well be the earpiece for you.

Earpieceonline lists this bad boy for £27.50, so it’s only a couple of quid more than the GP300, but it’s a couple of quid worth paying, especially if you value discretion.

There’s also no need for any kind of adaptor when you buy the GP340 earpiece, this model has a multipin plug that can connect directly to any Motorola two-way radio. In addition, there’s a built-in ‘push to talk’ button and microphone, but it is considerably smaller than the one found on most other models.

The GP340 earpiece features the same sprung clothing clip as our last model, a surgical grade acoustic eartube (as well as a spare tip) and a Kevlar-reinforced cable. It also comes with a snazzy drawstring pouch as well. Add to that a 12-month warranty (included in the price) and you’re definitely onto a winner.

Sound-wise, the GP340 earpiece provides clear, reliable sound and performs well in trying weather conditions.

However, the GP340 earpiece is not quite a top-range product, it represents fantastic value, for sure, and it works fine for most purposes, but if you have specialist requirements, then you should probably stick with this series and see what else is out there.

Overall, the GP340 earpiece is an excellent product that offers fantastic value for money. It would do a good job in most situations and comes pretty highly recommended all round.

Next episode, we take a look at the CP040 earpiece, a device specifically designed for use with the GP300 and, um, CP040 radio series. If you’re still looking to guard The President, you might want to skip that one and go straight to part four.

Comms in services may be improved using walkie talkies

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Facilities administration is a complex and multifaceted role, often presenting issues even to those that attempt to define it.

Essentially, the administration necessities vary from facility to facility. One consistency, to put it simply, entails using the fundamental features of the facility in subject, enabling all the other connected organisations to go about their own day-to-day functions.

Services management is a £173bn a year business, but it would be nothing without the usage of 2 way radios. Continue reading

Communicating on the building site, how useful are they?

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Direct comms is of vital value to engineering workers the world over. Radios are part of the lifeblood of the construction business. It isn’t a real understatement to call the use of two way radio infrastructures fundamental for the wellbeing of our industry, not only within the benefit of communication and proficiency, but additionally for security.

Busy building sites are instead one of the more difficult areas for 2 way radio networks to navigate. Building sites present abundant challenges for 2 way radio networks, such as background noise, signal coverage, earth to crane communications, protection issues and subcontractors requiring access to the system. Continue reading

How can the Emotiv headphone aid us communicate better?

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The Emotiv headphones is mostly a pioneering device that allows a consumer to cooperate with the virtual environment by reading his/her ‘thoughts’. Basically, the headset records the brain’s electrical indicators and translates your thinking-commands into digital actions.

The Emotiv earphone works by employing a device generally known as an EEG, or electroencephalograph, to observe the brain waves (and emotional responses) of each gamer, virtually instantaneously translating those readings into virtual reactions, movements and responses. Continue reading

Earphones within the Modern Time

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Like a absolute and utter music nut (some might say ‘nerd’) headsets are crucial to me. The precise sounds that we listen to from our headphone are exceptional to every enthusiast of sound. Some like a bottomless, bass heavy noise from their earphones, while some favor their earphones set up for softer, extra lucid, tones.

I lately broke my very own set of earpieces, I’m making my way back home on a long train trip and my trusty headphone just died. Depressing. As objects go, they are far more personal than most lightweight possessions. headsets are the devices that provide you with the pleasure of the music you love. Continue reading

We are recommending the best headsets for sport?

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Hi and welcome to the modern series of answers to those earpiece inquiries. Ever wanted to learn about something headphone, earpiece or receiver related? Now’s your opportunity. Due to a large amount of questions we are so repeatedly asked, we have reached into our mailbag and selected the nine most pertinent (and most often submitted) inquiries. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, if your inquiry isn’t below, then merely mail us an communication and come back in a few… you might see it featured in the later series. Cheers. Continue reading

Comms within the protection industry, why do you might want to have the best radios?

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Covert security is a worldwide commerce and the tools they apply has to be of a highest class. Motorola and kenwood have forever led out of your front for security communications, and the products they provide are strong and durable enough to deal with every day rigors of security work and operations.

Terrorism, Contamination, Disruption to infrastructure and services, Malicious damage, Active protest, Civil unrest, Border breaches, Invasion of privacy, Piracy, High stakes theft, Data Theft, Kidnapping, Personal assault… 

…the range of threats being managed by public and private security services, corporations and individuals changes and evolves with social, political and economic dynamics. 

And while surveillance technology, physical protection and increased intelligence gathering has made a major contribution in identifying and managing threats, the central element in all robust to security strategies is efficient and effective instant communication by voice or data across a wide variety of difficult environments; linking control centres with field operatives whether on foot or in vehicles.

Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® peer to peer and trunked digital two-way radios and walkie talkie solutions have been proven in the highest security situations and can be found in operation within military forces, police services, public and private security agencies around the world.

Applications include air and sea ports, research facilities, government buildings, military bases, transport and utilities infrastructure, stadia, sports and entertainment venues, oil and gas processing and supply installations, data centres, cash warehouses, secure storage facilities, research facilities, shopping malls, retailers of high value goods as well as high profile personalities, in fact wherever security, safety and efficiency are key considerations.


On The Air, In The Sky 2 way radios and Air Travel, an undividable Combination

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Two way radios are a Crucial Instrument for Air Travel. At London Heathrow air port, for example, 300 businesses use some 80,000 people daily, whilst 65 million individuals leave from, land at, or pass through the air port every year. While in the face of really staggering humanity, fast, competent communication results in being paramount.

Medical staff need to become notified rapidly in case of an disaster. Security guards must be able to reply and act in response to any likely risk as swiftly as workable. Other, each day concerns like reuniting lost kids with their dad and mom, locating missing baggage and also the inspection of imported cargo, must also be dealt with in a clear and professional approach. Continue reading

When Schools, Colleges and Universities possess a need to better comms, we’ve the answer here.

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Latest news – After the current school shootings in the US, school head teachers and governors have been made to consider more painstakingly about the safety of their school, staff and pupils. Communication is a crucial ingredient of these safety measures and day-to-day running of the school, so with that in mind kenwood have built a communication infrastructure that suits any and all size school, college or institution of higher education.  Continue reading

What is the disparity between blocked headphones and noise reducing headphones?

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Hi and welcome to a brand new series of answers to those earphones questions. Ever wanted to find out about something headphone, earpiece or headset linked? Now’s your chance. Due to the great deal of questions we’re so regularly asked, we have dipped into our mailbag and chosen the nine most applicable (and most often submitted) questions. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, if your question isn’t below, then just dispatch us an message and check back in a few… you might see it featured within the later series. Thanks. Continue reading