Keeping Up With Current Events – 2 Way Radios in Events Management

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From cultural events celebrating the diverse mosaic of British identity, to barnstorming rock n roll gigs, events management is a huge area to be involved in.

The term ‘event’ can be somewhat misleading, because technically everything is an event. Actually, when you look at it like that, maybe it isn’t so misleading after all…

When we use the term event, we could be talking about an indoor conference just as easily as a political rally. Athletic contests, art exhibitions, magic shows; if people attend it, it’s an event, and if it’s an event; it needs a manager. Continue reading

how to buy a laptop computer

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There are a great many laptops on the market; it is a very crowded marketplace indeed. This is all very well and good for the techie types out there who live on a diet of stats, acronyms and data, but what about those of us who really haven’t a clue? (And believe me, I am firmly in this category) 

Well, I recently set out to try and buy myself a laptop so that I can write whilst travelling, have regular access to the Internet (without fiddling with the tiny keys on an overpriced phone) and generally update my operations beyond late 19th century age-of-steam standards. To this end, I have talked to a couple of my more ‘technically minded’ friends and compiled for you a list of three questions that all prospective laptop owners should ask, before you get into anything even remotely technical.  Continue reading

Hotels, Holiday Resorts & Radios: A Match Maid in Heaven

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The tourism industry is a big one, with various holiday seasons bringing in huge revenues around the world, year in, year out. In some cases, tourism profits are actually vital to the survival of small towns and resort areas, as well as major factors in the host country’s GDP.

Approximately 30 Million people visit the UK from all over the world each year (and we don’t even get nice weather!). Drawn to our many sites of cultural interest, even more of historical interest, or just a slice on English country life, these tourists are actually a considerable part of our economy. Continue reading

An earpiece of the action

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What’s your favourite feature of my radio accessory? In my opinion, I like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

Now for those of you who have been regular readers and posters on here, you’ll know what this blog is all about. If you’re new, let me explain.

I noticed someone last week asking on here why didn’t I write about the latest political goings-on. Well my take on that question is that there are a million websites, many of them excellent, where you can read up on that stuff and other people do it on the BBC F1 site; whereas this is the only place that, I hope, gives you unique access to what doing my job is like. Continue reading

What happens when one of the earpieces stops functioning? very best solution here

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There are numerous causes for this everyday (yet absurdly frustrating) occurrence. Generally, however, it’s simply due to the loose wire and can frequently be set by pushing the wire towards the radio earpiece and, if needs be, affixing it into position with a small electrical tape, super glue, or some other adhesive.

Occasionally, if the headphones have an inline volume turn, that may be the cause. That one is just a little difficult to mend, but you could possibly always try the ‘wire trick’ described above and see if it works. If not, then open the volume controls and re-solder the wires into place (be warned, this can invalidate most warranties, so if the ‘phones are still covered, just send ‘em back and get replacements).  Continue reading

what plays mp3 files

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I am a vinyl fan. You’ve never heard of most of my favourite bands, and if you have, you won’t like them. Modern music leaves me extremely cold. I’m a fan of most styles, but the current production methods (lets bury everything under a million layers of random sounds just because we can, then we’ll get rid of all background sound and make everything pitch-perfect and soulless) are lost on me. 

As you can imagine, I came to MP3 rather late. For the longest time I wandered around with a portable CD player in my pocket that skipped if I moved even a step too fast. It ran on batteries that would run out regularly and was, generally, a pain. However, I persevered with it because I’m a compulsive music addict. The rock, blues, folk and reggae tunes I listen to daily are the soundtrack to my life.  Continue reading

Peterson: Earpiece comes in handy for hands-free phone

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When it comes to bluetooth earpieces, the equipment hasn’t changed much since the early 2000’s. They’ve basically got somewhat smaller, maintaining with the latest incarnations of cell phone. This informative article highlights new laws and regulations introduced in the US about driving and the use of a cell phone.


The last time I remember being hands free was when I was in high school, riding my bicycle hands free.

No hands on the handlebars while I bicycled with my golf clubs to Green Acres – no kidding – Country Club in Donnellson, Iowa. My 10-speed was a marvel in balance. It certainly helped that Donnellson was flat and the streets well-paved, as well as completely lacking in traffic. Continue reading

What causes the ‘static’ sound on my two-way radio?

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(Asked by Preeta from Newcastle)

This is actually a pretty common question. However, just because it is a common query does not mean that it isn’t a valid one. Radio static is something that most people simply take for granted and never question (which is actually quite silly of them, really). Anyway, the point is that I’m glad you asked.

Essentially, radio static is the sound you get when there is no broadcast on a specific frequency. This can mean anything from, ‘my friend/colleague doesn’t know how to use the radio’ to ‘the zombies have taken over and we’re all going to die!’ (As well as any number of options in between). Continue reading

2 Way Radios in Public Safety & How They Relate to You

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There are some moments when the world seems to turn inwards upon itself and nothing makes sense anymore.

In these moments, when man’s inhumanity to his own brothers and sisters would defy belief, were the chilling evidence not plain as day on your television screen, we are afraid. Anybody who says otherwise is either lying or mad.

In truth, these terrible moments seem to be increasing in number, with a multitude of terrorist attacks, a surge in civil unrest (caused, in large part, by the callousness of a government unconcerned with the lives of everyday people) and increased violence/gang activity on our city streets. Continue reading

How to waterproof headphones?

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Asked by Betty from Hammersmith

I take it you’re a newer reader and you therefore aren’t aware of my dislike for recommending specific sets of headphones. In a usual case, (like when one reader asked me to recommend sweat-proof headphones) I have to answer with “it depends on a multitude of factors, such as how often you use them, how important sound quality is to you or even (in that one case) how much you tend to sweat. However, I’m not going to let you down, Betty, because waterproof headphones are actually a bit different… Continue reading