Mobile phone style 2 way radio by motorola, reviewing the Motorola sl4000

There continue to be an awesome many jobs that need two way radios rather than phones. Any time you need to make contact with somebody, clearly and quickly, you will be looking at a 2 way radio over a telephone. Also, for making certain that everyone has access to the identical message and which they’ll always be contactable, a 2 way radio is definitely the way to go. From working as a bouncer, to working on a building site, from site work to military manoeuvres, walkie talkies are an essential part of many business environments.

The world’s leading two way radio brand is Motorola, so, with that in mind, we have great expectations for the SL4000, let us see how it presents.


The Motorola sl4000 is built with discretion in mind. Small, slender, silky and lightweight, this radio device is great for communicating with others, quietly and unobtrusively. It weighs about the equivalent as a standard smart phone.

However, despite its tiny stature, the SL4000 is an incredibly able radio, able to transmit and receive over a surprisingly broad range. Because of that, it’s obvious that this 2 way radio is best suited to utilizes like airports, hotels, safety, hospitality and anywhere else that a huge, armed forces style two-way communication is probably a little unsubtle for this tasks at hand.

It also comes with built-in Bluetooth, a particular ‘covert mode’ and smart audio.


This really is by no means the least expensive 2 way radio within the market. However, it has been made specially for commerce use and should be judged on those qualities. The Motorola sl4000 is most categorically not a ‘hobby’ two way radio, nor is it a model that is designed for play in any way. This is a trustworthy, top of the line radio that is built for hotel/airport/security/public service employees and has spared no cost in the process. The price is what it is, but you will get what you pay for.


The very first thing we noticed about the Motorola sl4000 is simply how smart it actually is. We were prepared for a pleasant, small walkie talkie, clearly, however it really is a stunning design. In fact, at first glance, you would easily mistake it for a circa-early 2000’s mobile.

The SL4000 includes a extraordinary array of connectivity options, including a USB port for programming and charging, as well as an choice to charge upright in a charger, or simply disconnect the battery and charge it independently. The battery alone, by the way, is merely slightly larger than a mobile phone battery.

The screen is crystal clear and a cell phone-style menu display allows you to pick your specific talk group. Actually, there’s a menu display for just about everything, it is clear that’s a more city, more sophisticated 2 way radio than the majority of its peers. It will even write ‘text messages’.

The audio quality is superb certainly (even with the little speakers) and you’ll have no problem communicating between this and any other two way radio device.

The only downside we can find is that it only handles digital, not analogue. Still, that really isn’t the end of the world nowadays, is it?


This radio is a very bad option for ‘Operation Desert Storm’, but for a more discreet, modern style of radio, it’s effortlessly suited to the tasks that it is intended.

Sophisticated, current, clean and completely smooth to work, the Motorola sl4000 is a real winner. It is a bit like the supple younger sister of that GP340, cooler, smarter, sexy and completely charming – an awesome product and a substantial step forward in urban two way radio tech as well.

Again, Motorola bring a fine product, but now it is a bit aloof from their usual fare. Still, they thrive with aplomb, creating what’s quite possibly one of the best model of its type around.