Is there pay as you go iphones

I don’t actually have an iPhone, in fact, I personally know very little about them. I do, however, swear by ‘Pay & Go’ as a system of phone payment. Following a long and arduous experience with a phone company (a major one) who regularly took far too much money from my bank account, admitted to doing so and yet still refused to give it back in anything other than ‘phone minutes’ (which never actually materialized, it has to be said) you can understand that I don’t look too kindly upon giving phone companies access to my bank account. There was more, a lot more, but this is a professional article, not a rant piece…

So, I have no interest in a phone contract, then, on Pay & Go, whatever I spend, I use. No hidden fees, no network charges, no money grabbing corporation shaking you upside down while you cry and beg to be left with enough to get the bus home. None of it. In an age of Facebook, email and Skype, I can schedule meetings with people and discuss pretty much anything. (I co-wrote a play with somebody over a hundred miles away, and have even Interviewed people via Facebook) Its simple, in fact, its better than simple. Unless you use your phone A LOT and get A LOT of freebies or need it for work, most contracts aren’t cost-effective anyway. Pay & Go keeps things simple.

And so to the iPhone. Now, as stated earlier (and I hope you’ll appreciate my honesty here), I don’t own one, but what I did do is ask a few of my friends who do (No, I didn’t phone them – I used Facebook, for the record) and here are some of the things they said:

“Its really simple to use” wrote one friend, who went on to praise the OS “the app store is excellent, phone calls are nice and clear, surfing the Internet is really quick and simple”

Another added, “The layouts of messages are easier to read”

My personal favourite comment was “It’s intuitive and it just flows” so we have many positive reviews of the iPhone. A lot of satisfied customers, except one, (but he was actually ranting about his iPod – There’s one in every crowd!)  Now, I think, that if you were to put the freedom inherent to Pay & Go, with the ease of use exhibited by the iPhone, that you would really have something.