I want to buy a gamer pc


Want to buy a PC? Its a confusing world out there. Luckily we’re here to help you buy the best PC for you, within your price range. It is important to remember that no computers are standardised. Different PCs are designed for different purposes. Whatever PC you want to buy, be it a Gaming PC, a Desktop PC or anything else, you are free to browse your PC buying options here. 

So, what is the best PC for you to buy? Firstly, you may find a salesman will lead you to the most expensive 
PC model available. This may not be the best PC for you, despite the assurances of the price tag. Different PC’s have different amounts of memory, processing power and specifications. 

A Gaming PC will have a large memory and processing power, it will likely also have a powerful graphics card. This is due to the stress of running PC games, but why pay for what you don’t need? As the old aphorism goes. 

A Desktop PC may be exactly what you are looking for if you need something to function as your home computer, the Desktop PC will not be great at storing lots of data, however. If you are travelling and need a portable computer, neither of these are the best PC to buy. 

So, Desktop PC, Gaming PC or any other type of computer, first you have to decide what you want to buy. You can start with us.