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What is probably the most unbreakable headset product in the market?

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When I got my 1st disc player, there is nothing I liked better than to look at the twin sound system, place them on either side of the pillow and rest in-between them, blasting my head with the incessant sonic assault of what rock n roll masterpiece I could find inside the junk shop that week. Heaven.


Designed along with your computer at heart, these spiffy new headphone can re-create my experiences (albeit just about as perfectly) for this digital era. Comfortable, highly effective and profiting from a sleek and sexy design job that’s curvier than Catwoman eating a curly wurly, these headphone have got it all. Continue reading

ID-51E D-STAR Dual Band Portable Radio with Built-in GPS, Available Now!

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The ID-31E D-STAR was a beautiful modest two way radio, but that is superseeded with the ID-51E Dual Band D-STAR now, adding an incredible 500 additional channels, missing that vital communication wouldn’t be a problem.


Icom is pleased to announce that the new ID-51E Dual Band D-STAR handportable is now available. Evolving from Icom’s popular ID-31E D-STAR portable, the ID-51E possesses new features including dualwatch, 500 extra memory channels (for a total of 1,752 channels), automatic position reply (DV), repeater search functions and AM/FM Receivers. Continue reading