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Airwave Sharers List Process

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Editors note – Since the emergency services have changed over to the airwave tetra network, but creating a new network means all of the different service need to be organised into new networks. Here is the process that each service needs to go through to be granted a licence.



The purpose of this note is to give guidance to potential applicants on the process for joining the Airwave Sharers List. Continue reading

The new range of Nextedge kenwood radios

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The Nextedge NX-200/300 is the digital radio from kenwood, all NEXEDGE™ Products use advanced DSP-driven digital voice technologies and support both FM analogue and new digital fleets. System type conversion or expansion only requires software options and/or additional base station units, i.e., no “major” upgrading. Kenwood offers Conventional, conventional IP networks, trunked and wide area trunked IP networks solutions with secure digital voice and an array of advanced digital feature sets for business and government sector. Continue reading

MTH or MTP, Overview of the Motorola Tetra Radio , What where when

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Motorola offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet unique requirements of markets from transportation to industrial, municipal to public safety.


The MTP3000 TETRA radio series are packed with the features which have become essential for safe and effective operations, as well as significant improvements in areas such as audio and ruggedness. The user interface is optimised for those making the transition from analogue radios and includes two controls for group and volume. Continue reading