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What type of broadcasting utilized at shopping malls

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Latest news – All of us go to that brand spanking new shopping malls which might be arising far and wide, we feel protected and assured to spend ourchange loosen up and meet mates. We feel safe and sound in these environments because of this important level of safety and security these malls offer. It is because of an imperceptible work force that keep our shopping centres trustworthy, clean and sheltered, for these folks to perform their job adequately a good interaction organization is important, is kenwood the fitting provider for you? Continue reading

Why Aren’t There Any WiFi Walkie Talkies?

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It sounds as if, such a radio does exist, nonetheless it is not generally commercially obtainable. According to Brandon Gregg, a poster on,

“There actually are “WiFi walkie talkies” for people in the security industry. Most are connected to security officer patrol verification systems that track officer movements, check ins, status reports, etc”. Continue reading

Review of the lightweight GP340 radio

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The other week marked the 40th anniversary of the world’s 1st mobile phone call. Predictably, it’s a Motorola engineer who designed the historic call and, much more unsurprisingly, the phone call was made on the Motorola phone (or, in this case, prototype telephone). If you are taking one thing away from this introductory paragraph, it needs to be this: Motorola are superior, at least when it pertains to communications.

With that in mind, I reviewed the GP340 Portable Walkie talkie, the prevalent in a extensive string of very good Motorola 2 way radio devices. The following is what I deliberated about it. Continue reading

How to remove the static noise in your two way radio?

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Basically, broadcasting static during a call on is a sign of the fact that signal strength is degrading (or that there is no signal coming through whatsoever). When signal strength degrades sufficiently, the static resonance emerges. 

When there’s no communication coming through, it is a slightly different narrative. A 2 way radio has what’s known as a ‘squelch’ regulate circuit that maintains tabs on the signal strength. The squelch circuit will quiet the speaker when it realizes that there is no signal coming through to the device. That is, basically, a similar purpose as your TV has as soon as it cuts off an unavailable station after a preset time. Though, in the moments before your walkie talkie ‘squelches’ the sound, you’ll hear static, or ‘white noise’ as it’s also called.  Continue reading

Do your workers need to communicate more effectively at events

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Editorial – For many years communications at major concerts has been an important element, at a time of a major event or just a way of sendind a mass message across to all that is working, 2 way radios are the dependable source for this job. 2 different ways of choosing this important element is to hire a squadron of radios for the event, from a nearby two way radio hire company or secondly is to purchase a future-proof digital system that allows individual communications, text messaging and the modern communication technology. Continue reading

Communication systems employed by the motoroway Maintenance

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Editors note – Since 1980 and the Highways Act 1980 all our motoroways have always been maintained by a force of hardworking and conscientious staff. They check and control all our roads, motorways and highways to keep them secure and working well. But to do this they have an effective and operational communication structure that aids to do their job securely and better.

  Continue reading

New 2 way radio web based shop starts up in the UK, offering the best offers and prices about the internet

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Specialising in analogue and digital walkie talkies from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and more, brings UK businesses the best radios at the best prices.

With the launch of the new website for 2 Way Radio Online, the UK now has access to some
of the best deals on the best two-way radios on the market from Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera,
Icom and more. Bringing more than 30 years of collective experience in communication, is the premium radio communications website specialising in analogue
and digital walkie talkies from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and more. Continue reading

Where are you able to get yourself a motorola charger

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6-bank chargers do not come cheaply, however the 2wayradionline Radio 6 by 6 charger is cheaper than most. Actually, we think it represents a fairly great price. With that in mind, we dispatched our critic to consider a more in-depth look and allow us to have a clue what he thinks.


This 6-bank charger will take either twelve sole batteries or 6 whole radios (with 6 spare batteries), according to your choice. This makes the charger perfect for extended usage. Users might take out 1 exhausted battery, place it on charge and return it using a fully charged and able to go version, all within a couple of seconds. Continue reading

How do digital radios help the TV studios work more effectively

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Latest news – If you’ve ever been in television or movie production, you’d be very informed about how helpful a radio network is, in a time restricted environment, communicating with the appropriate people at the proper stage Is crucial. But radio channels will get full up with a number of unrelated communication fleeting across each other, the new digital 2 way radio systems give a more mobile phone method of communciation, where messages often is intended for particular two way radios and users, allowing for a more productive and capable communication technique. Continue reading

Review of that CP040 2 way radio

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We at this site spend a lot of time reviewing the best and most well designed radios on offer today. Some of these products are specially made for specific functions and can fetch intimidating prices for smaller companies that nonetheless are eager to compete. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a quick look at one of Motorola’s cheaper models and see how it compares with the big boys.


With a utilitarian, somewhat pedestrian design, the Motorola CP040 is a million miles removed from the sleek, sexy contours of the MotoTRBO SL4000, or even the rugged, hardwearing face of the Motorola DP3400. The design is perfunctory, modest and unambitious, but looks can be deceiving.

A sturdy, capable model, this is a great choice for warehousing and agriculture (as pointed out on the Motorola site).

It only makes use of four channels, but is incredibly easy to use as a result, very much a ‘press and play’ radio. It also keeps contact over a surprisingly large range.

19 hours of battery life shows good durability (when in battery saving ‘low’ mode, anyway), while the ability to switch between broadcasting to multiple users or a single one is a very welcome function indeed.

Although clearly designed as a budget model, the CP040 has a lot of functions that we have come to expect from far-more pricey radios.


Believe it or not (and we even had to read it twice!), the CP040 is available at less than £100. OK, at £99 it’s not a lot less, but it still beats the better models by half (and then some). Indeed, there is a feeling that Motorola could actually charge a little bit more for this device and easily get away with it.


Making great use of Motorola’s much-vaunted ‘X-Pand’ technology, the CP040 provides excellent audio quality with every message, so there’s no real loss in sound quality (unless you obsessively compare the CP040 with the really high-end models and we aren’t going to do that here).

In terms of use, the CP040 is easy and efficient, operating with the usual dependability that we’ve come to expect from Motorola radios.

The belt clip (an optional extra) holds the radio in well and everything is generally sturdy and nicely made.

The CP040 may be lacking some of the more fancy features and extras that some of its peers can boast about, but as a standard, basic two-way radio, it is incredibly difficult to find fault with it.


The CP040 has been designed with mid level business use in mind, yes, it lacks the ‘boys own adventure’ ruggedness of Motorola’s outdoor models or the discreet, professional modernity of their urban, security orientated range, but it makes up for this in spades with a solid, reliable performance that won’t break the bank.

Perhaps it’s not the best product of its kind that the market can offer, but it is a very long way from being the worst and, in addition, it genuinely offers excellent value for money.

Customers may want something a little bit tougher and more overtly safety-conscious for use on building sites or battlegrounds. Perhaps they’ll also want something a little more slender and/or trendy for customer interaction, but otherwise, the CP040 suits its design-niche perfectly.

This is a great little device for basic business radio use and it’s hard to imagine it letting anybody down. Strong, reliable and high performance, the CP040 combines a thoroughly satisfying user experience with a pleasantly manageable price tag to create a wholly likeable (not to mention highly recommendable) product.

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