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Is there pay as you go iphones

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I don’t actually have an iPhone, in fact, I personally know very little about them. I do, however, swear by ‘Pay & Go’ as a system of phone payment. Following a long and arduous experience with a phone company (a major one) who regularly took far too much money from my bank account, admitted to doing so and yet still refused to give it back in anything other than ‘phone minutes’ (which never actually materialized, it has to be said) you can understand that I don’t look too kindly upon giving phone companies access to my bank account. There was more, a lot more, but this is a professional article, not a rant piece…

So, I have no interest in a phone contract, then, on Pay & Go, whatever I spend, I use. No hidden fees, no network charges, no money grabbing corporation shaking you upside down while you cry and beg to be left with enough to get the bus home. None of it. In an age of Facebook, email and Skype, I can schedule meetings with people and discuss pretty much anything. (I co-wrote a play with somebody over a hundred miles away, and have even Interviewed people via Facebook) Its simple, in fact, its better than simple. Unless you use your phone A LOT and get A LOT of freebies or need it for work, most contracts aren’t cost-effective anyway. Pay & Go keeps things simple.

And so to the iPhone. Now, as stated earlier (and I hope you’ll appreciate my honesty here), I don’t own one, but what I did do is ask a few of my friends who do (No, I didn’t phone them – I used Facebook, for the record) and here are some of the things they said:

“Its really simple to use” wrote one friend, who went on to praise the OS “the app store is excellent, phone calls are nice and clear, surfing the Internet is really quick and simple”

Another added, “The layouts of messages are easier to read”

My personal favourite comment was “It’s intuitive and it just flows” so we have many positive reviews of the iPhone. A lot of satisfied customers, except one, (but he was actually ranting about his iPod – There’s one in every crowd!)  Now, I think, that if you were to put the freedom inherent to Pay & Go, with the ease of use exhibited by the iPhone, that you would really have something. 

I want to buy a gamer pc

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Want to buy a PC? Its a confusing world out there. Luckily we’re here to help you buy the best PC for you, within your price range. It is important to remember that no computers are standardised. Different PCs are designed for different purposes. Whatever PC you want to buy, be it a Gaming PC, a Desktop PC or anything else, you are free to browse your PC buying options here. 

So, what is the best PC for you to buy? Firstly, you may find a salesman will lead you to the most expensive 
PC model available. This may not be the best PC for you, despite the assurances of the price tag. Different PC’s have different amounts of memory, processing power and specifications. 

A Gaming PC will have a large memory and processing power, it will likely also have a powerful graphics card. This is due to the stress of running PC games, but why pay for what you don’t need? As the old aphorism goes. 

A Desktop PC may be exactly what you are looking for if you need something to function as your home computer, the Desktop PC will not be great at storing lots of data, however. If you are travelling and need a portable computer, neither of these are the best PC to buy. 

So, Desktop PC, Gaming PC or any other type of computer, first you have to decide what you want to buy. You can start with us. 

kindle fourth-generation ebook reader cheap but nice

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Web giants first released their portable e-book reader, the Kindle, in 2007. For those of you who, like me, are not up to date with the latest trends and gadgets, I may need to explain what it is the Kindle actually does

The Kindle stores e-books for you to read. Plain and simple. The current model (a best seller) also includes an Internet feature that allows for access to online literary sources (e-books), which are downloaded and stored to the device’s memory. Portability and ease of use, then, are the main features of the Kindle e-book reader.  Continue reading

how to buy a laptop computer

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There are a great many laptops on the market; it is a very crowded marketplace indeed. This is all very well and good for the techie types out there who live on a diet of stats, acronyms and data, but what about those of us who really haven’t a clue? (And believe me, I am firmly in this category) 

Well, I recently set out to try and buy myself a laptop so that I can write whilst travelling, have regular access to the Internet (without fiddling with the tiny keys on an overpriced phone) and generally update my operations beyond late 19th century age-of-steam standards. To this end, I have talked to a couple of my more ‘technically minded’ friends and compiled for you a list of three questions that all prospective laptop owners should ask, before you get into anything even remotely technical.  Continue reading

what plays mp3 files

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I am a vinyl fan. You’ve never heard of most of my favourite bands, and if you have, you won’t like them. Modern music leaves me extremely cold. I’m a fan of most styles, but the current production methods (lets bury everything under a million layers of random sounds just because we can, then we’ll get rid of all background sound and make everything pitch-perfect and soulless) are lost on me. 

As you can imagine, I came to MP3 rather late. For the longest time I wandered around with a portable CD player in my pocket that skipped if I moved even a step too fast. It ran on batteries that would run out regularly and was, generally, a pain. However, I persevered with it because I’m a compulsive music addict. The rock, blues, folk and reggae tunes I listen to daily are the soundtrack to my life.  Continue reading

Tech We’d Like To See: The Dead Actor’s Studio

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Imagine a young Marlon Brando starring alongside Johnny Depp, or Audrey Hepburn playing rival to Sandra Bullock as Marilyn Monroe stops by for a catty cameo.

Depending on how you look at it, this is either tantalizing ‘fantasy film making’ or else an utterly horrible, cash-in exercise in Hollywood excess. Whatever your viewpoint, it does seem likely that someone, somewhere will try this in the near future.

About three years ago, the news broke that George Lucas, the genius behind the ‘Star Wars’ merchandise (and a couple of related movies), was buying up the likeness rights to a plethora of iconic, yet deceased, leading men and famous actresses from Hollywood’s golden age. His plan? To use a concoction of existing footage, CGI and motion capture to create reasonable facsimiles of classic Hollywood stars and have them appear in future films, despite the notable handicap of being, well, dead. Continue reading